Judicial and Human Services

Amy M Bishop, MSW

Advocate, Author & Consultant


Education Stability Consultant: Advocating for families with youth ages 3-18 to overcome barriers and improve educational outcomes.

Author of “Educational Planning of Court-Involved Youth: A Guide for Counties, Systems, and Individuals”

 After working in the field of educational advocacy for ten years, Amy M. Bishop, branched out as an Educational Consultant and created a Guide for Educational Planning to help county systems more effectively collaborate to greatly improve educational outcomes for youth in the judicial and child welfare systems.  Educational aptitude and graduation rates continue to decline for Colorado youth who encounter the court and foster care systems. Unfortunately, the decline in education and graduation is directly proportional to the barriers these youth face when returning to the home community after system involvement, which unnecessarily promotes recidivism.  However, at the core of this issue is a prime opportunity for change that has proven effective for Douglas County Human Services and 17th Judicial District in Colorado.  The change that is necessary to ensure Colorado's youth have access to a brighter future is rooted in a collaborate approach to intervention in each community.  Fortunately, this can be accomplished according to the needs in each community and utilizing existing resources.

As a result, Amy has developed a Guide for Educational Planning to further guide county agencies, schools and individuals in collaborating towards improved educational outcomes for court involved youth. For more information regarding this three tier framework click Learn More below.

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Areas of Practice


 Workshops provide participants with the laws, knowledge, tools, and skills for advocating for youth at any age in their educational journey. Workshops include tools for transitions planning, educational case planning, skills working with at risk youth, special and general educational law, discipline policies, and provide audience with case scenarios.  Participants leave with documents and tools to use in the field with clients.

multi day training

Multi day trainings involve coordinating Education Action Teams in your counties, streamlining actions for change, creating an action plan and proceeding to implement change within agencies to ensure educational planning is on the forefront of a case the moment a youth comes in contact with the court system.

consultation & DIRECT SERVICES

Consultation includes working with counties individually to provide in person consultation services for your team. This includes access to the County Guide, meeting facilitation, systems change. data collection, organization, and keep the process goal oriented on track towards success.

Direct service includes working with youth and families one on one to achieve educational success.  See "Services" page for a more in depth description.


Education may not be the only thing that helps ensure that people succeed in this world, but it is most certainly the start to becoming something better than we are.
— Excerpt from the "Birth of Hope" by Michael Satterfield in "School to Prison Pipeline" (2012)


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