Judicial and Human Services

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Direct Educational Services

Direct Services

If you are a youth or parent/guardian and are in need of direct service including but not limited to education consulting, planning and/or advocacy you are in the right place.  Amy is available for consult on all types of educational issues that youth and families face.  This also includes if families are looking at outside placement options such as therapeutic boarding schools and facilities so as to make the best choice possible to fit the needs of the youth. If you are a parent/guardian please contact Amy for a free phone consultation and possibly additional services based on your families need.  Amy is fluent in both general and special education advocacy.  Do not hesistate to call for support for your youth.

System Navigation

The educational system can be tough to navigate.  Amy can provide guidance in how the education system works and how to best advocate for the needs of your youth.  Many parents and/or youth do not know about all of the supports that are available to both general and special education youth in their districts.  Often, just putting a family in touch with the right school support staff can make all the difference!

Educational Planning

The general education system doesn't work for everyone.  Some youth take a unique path in graduating with a high school diploma.  There are as many options available as there are barriers to graduation.  There are many different ways for a youth to graduate with a diploma or GED and youth deserves the opportunity to explore all of those options to find the right school that fits his/her needs and individual learning style.

Families have multiple options within the education system including local, national and specific programs that address learning differences and at risk youth. Amy can help your family figure out the best fit by taking a strengths based, whole family approach that encompasses all needs and barriers.