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Consultation includes working with your county individually to provide in person consultation services for your team. This includes coordinate meetings, initiate change. data collection, organization, and keep the process goal oriented on track towards success. Consultation includes assessing your counties strengths, weaknesses and next steps in determining the level of service needed to improve educational outcomes.


Multi day trainings involve utilizing the County Guide for Educational planning.  This intensive training is attended by county teams and involves helping your county to create your own Education Action Teams, streamlining actions for change, creating an action plan and proceeding to implement change within agencies to ensure educational planning is on the forefront of a case the moment a youth comes in contact with the court system.


Workshops provide participants with the laws, knowledge, tools, and skills for advocating for youth at any age in their educational journey. Workshops include tools for transitions planning, educational case planning, skills working with at risk youth, special and general educational law, discipline policies, and provide audience with case scenarios.  Participants leave with documents and tools to use in the field with clients.

Direct Youth advocacy

Direct services consistent of directly with youth and their family to find an appropriate educational setting for the youth.  Includes advocating for the best possible outcome for a youth educationally and explore all possible educational settings with youth and family.  Fitting the right school with the right youth includes educational interviews, assisting with enrollment, setting up resources at the school, and navigating the special and general education system.